Monday, March 16, 2009

Other Genres

IN place of actual photos (still on my camera) or game reports (missed the last 3), I'll just note some other genres that I'm interested in. Ideally, if I could actually paint figures or game, I'd paint one "side-project" unit for every three or four "main project" related units. (The photos show my Union figures [in dark blue] and then Jeff's Ottoman Napoleonics).

  1. Colonials: My traditional area of interest, though strangely enough none of my old figures are usable in the current games. That's fine with me since they were all Zulu Wars figures and I just don't care about gaming that conflict. I've been seeing a lot of Boxer Rebellion pics on other blogs, used to game that in 54mm and had a blast. But those days are gone.
  2. ACW: Read quite a bit on it (mostly Western theater). Good gaming, like painting the few figures I have (see above). Edited out several long rambling commentaries on the lingering b*llsh*t that you run into when in the South and the so-called "War between the States" (nee War of the Rebellion) is brought up. Renegade makes great figures, the new ones from Perry and Crusader also look really good.
  3. Napoleon in Egypt/Holy Land: Don't know much about it, but we game it at the local club and I like it. One problem I have is that there don't seem to be any really high quality figures for this theater. (No Frontrank, no Foundry, etc.) Maybe Eureka will eventually cover Egypt in their new line.
  4. WWII: I used to play Crossfire A LOT and still think it's the best ruleset I've ever played but not very workable in multi-player games. I don't particularly like to read about WWII and most of what I have read is SW Pacific or CBI, which most people don't want to play. Now I game with a club and those rules just aren't made for that. I have been really tempted lately by the notion of gaming the WWII East African Campaign (Indian army, South Africans versus the Italians in Eritrea and Abyssinia). We'll see. Probably never happen, kind of wonder why I'd do it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

I'm glad to read you have other genres to look upon.

The early WWII campaigns can be fun to game given the right miniatures and scale too.

Black Powder genres are fun too depending on who makes them an interest therein.

I look forward in seeing some of your other collections on the blog in time.



Scott Pasha said...

Yes, but when one paints only 10 figs a month multiple genres is a threat to getting projects done!
If I actually had internet at home MANY more photos of my figs would turn up on this site.